Before Saying Goodbye (さよならを言う前に) is the tenth volume of the manga Nabari no Ou by Yuhki Kamatani.

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Yukimi’s search for the true Yoite ends with a name—”Sora”—and a cruel history best left alone. A lonely soul who wandered into the Nabari world, Yoite has seen his chance to wander back out of it long since fade away, and with each passing second, his very life follows suit. Knowing now the horror of his ward’s past, Yukimi races back to Yoite—but is it too late?[1]

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A limited edition of volume 10 was sold in Japan in limited quantities at animate and includes a special coloured illustration sheet by Yuhki Kamatani.[2] The illustration features Yoite, Miharu Rokujou, and Kazuhiko Yukimi watching baseball on TV at Yukimi's apartment.

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