Ok if I'm wrong about this tell me, and I don't know if there are several version's of this, so I could be wrong but there are some things that seem wrong to me on the page about Yoite that's titled "Meeting Miharu."

It says that Yoite expressed his happiness that he was not alone in this world. But then it goes on to say that he asked Miharu to erase him again so that Miharu won't be sad over his death.

But I don't remember that, doesn't Miharu tell Yoite that he can choose what he wants, to either stay as he is or to be erased using the Shinra Banshou. But Yoite say's that he wants to stay as he is because he doesn't want to erase the memories that Miharu and the other's have of him and that he doesn't need the Shinra Banshou.

Then Miharu says that at least he can eliminate the fact that he obtained "kira" so that he'd be able to save him. But Yoite doesn't want that either because he says that it is because of his past that he is who he is now and that it allowed him to meet Miharu, Raiko, Yukimi and the others.

He also goes along to say that he wants to hold on those to the feelings in his heart and live out his life, even though it may only be for a short time. Then Miharu say's he won't use the Shinra Banshou and seals it in his body, then tells Yoite he wants to be by yoite's side until the end.

Also, doesn't Yoite live with Tobari and Hanabusa in the end and not with Yukimi?

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