Hello there lovelies! :)

I'm proud to present the new and fresh painting of NnO wiki, which it has deserved for a looong time now. I must say getting down and dirty with the template stuff isn't hard perse, more on time and patience consuming. I can confidently say that it paid off in the end and now the home page has that official "gloss" to it. 

How about the background wallpaper? I know, I like it too. 

I'm beyond elated to advance in a few more steps on making NnO wiki into a better wiki. 'Course I can't do that alone, I'll need you guys to do your own parts! Help a poor girl out! Check the character pages and see if you know a thing or two that hasn't been written there and write it down for yourself! That I would mightily appreciate.

Well anyway, if you're content with just being the idle reader, I guess that's fine too. 


I'm not sure if Yoite's alright with it though... He needs all the help he can get!

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