Okay, so I have to admit... I'm a bit too dedicated at this... NEVER!!

I'm never too dedicated at something I think is right, and I know we are heading to the right direction here!

So basically I've been editing followups of the previous edits I made last night - adding pictures (lots of pictures...), correcting layout, and the like.

PS: Do you think the "Home" section looks a lot better? I added the slider to access important pages more quickly and make things look pretty, plus the gallery to. It's so colorful... Haha! Now the only thing bothering me is the background... grr... I didn't know until yesterday you had to be an admin or wikia staff or whatever to have access with the theme designer... I gotta be an admin soon...

Well, thanks for reading again Nabari no Ou fan! And keep on editing! ^_^

PSS: If you know someone that's admin and call him/her up to help with our Nabari no Ou wiki theme that would be AWESOME! Thanks :)



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