Hello, Eternal here with another Wiki report! ^_^

So I was mumbling previously on my other blog about doing seperate episode pages on the NnO Wiki, and I finally got to starting it! We have episode 1 & 2 now, so check those out in the Episode Guide. *Happy dances* :D Oh, and before I forget I also inserted in a fun poll on the home page if you guys already noticed! So vote on that to!

It's going to take a while for me to do ALL 26 episodes though, so sit tight and be patient.

If you have some neat ideas for the Wiki let me know, other than that keep up the good work and contribute!

~Happy editing! Eternal

Kato hugs Oda

Woah, this was a small bit of shojo in the show, or maybe seinen? xD Kato just couldn't resist putting that one there, and so did I. ;D

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