Okay so... I've been reading some of my old bloggies-- and wow... NOW I'M AN ADMIN! (Lol, actually I became admin like 3 weeks ago, and decided to do a blog about it now... -_-" FAIL). BUT, back to the point! As you guys can see, now I've changed the theme to a simple picture of Yoite and Miharu eating dessert and a classic color of dark blue on the sides. SOO HAPPY! :D Now the wikia looks a lot more pleasing and official!

And now a nice little shoutout to BlackButlerfoeva123 

She's been adding and editing lots of stuff here and there, and she's the kind of wikia member we all ought to be. So make sure to participate and at least change ANY spelling or grammar incorrection you see if you care about this wikia.

Which will bring me to my next point... I've implented the award/trophy system to encourage you guys to edit stuff here in the NnO wikia. Hopefully this will incite a lot of you to at least edit minimally, or become an active member by speaking to other users or making blogs to your page. This ALL CONTRIBUTES to our wikia, and it makes me happy when you guys at least leave a message or comment back to user pages.

Anywhoo, LOTS of stuff to do here in the NnO wikia still... like manga chapters, full character sypnosis, and the list drags on... o_o" We really need more members around here...

But as I've said so many times...


Forever in thought

My dreams is to be inside of Gau's and Raikou's dreams... xD

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