Bullets for whatever is in dire need for editing or added upon in our NnO Wikia:

  • I want to expand on Ichiki's profile. It's very, very concise and I think there are more on her background history with Hattori. Like in the anime I think he took her in from a war or something that was the cause to her disability.
  • Also I want to make an official "episodes" guide page created to list and summarize each episodes, then add in all the other details such as dividing them into 2 seasons, the opening and ending credits and such...
  • Let's make our goal to make this the best website for anything Nno! YEA!

If anyone can take up this job to do that would be AWESOME! Cookies for you kind sir or ma'am! Anything that needs polishing up please do take your time and fix it. Add little quirky stuff also to "flavor" up different character profiles and such (i.e. like memorable pictures, personal quotes, random trivia, etc. etc.) to the pages. Remember this wikia is our canvas to be painted...

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