Okay folks...

I like talking to walls - yes that has been a particular hobby of mine since I was a kid. They're great - they listen to you and whatnot, but don't be disappointed if they don't reply (side note: they usually won't).

*Sigh* Well I've fondled at this wiki for far too long, and its starting to feel harrassed. o.O

Being a newly-administered ADMIN (sounded too cool to resist) became almost like my full-time job during this passing Summer (yes, I do have a life actually; if toiling away at computers is considered a life); making improvements, adding pictures, adding character quotes, talking to myself in my whiny blogs and all that bad stuff (you know the drill). Since this wiki isn't quite as noisy than most anime/manga wiki, I've been the sole caretaker of this peaceful, tranquil corner, and I admit, it gets pretty lonely gradually... The perks were there, such as earning a million bucks per edit (haha as-frickkin-if, I'd be a trillionaire by now)!

I had been fine with being solo for sometime, gets my hopes up when 1 or 2 of y'all add pics and establish an account here, and gets happy when once in awhile an anon wiki contributor actually contributes to one page. But to be dead honest, community isn't the most used word around here, and I do get why.

Nabari no Ou has had its run; the manga's completed, the anime has over 20 episodes, and basically everyone has moved on. We loved Miharu, we loved Yoite, now time to move on to the latest One Piece. Seriously, I get it and I refuse to continue whining about it to my poor walls (truly sorry). So I decided to do a little R&R for awhile on this wiki, or any other things internet-related really.

"Hold on to things too tightly, and it will crumble. Hold onto things lightly, and it will eventually fly." -umm by me, interpreting my lame thoughts to cool sounding self-quotes.

I probably will (most likely) drop by once in awhile to "check things out" (here's me again, hoping against all hope that a "certain someone" will be my fallen hero of edits). Really though, edit counts doesn't matter. Just 1 contribution...that is all it will take, to bring a smile on my face.

Nabari no Ou - 07 - 19

This was everyone's reaction after reading this blog...

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