Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I have made a formal comeback to NnO wiki. I have been on the lookout from time to time, and I see that a handful of people have made contributions here (for the better or worse). I am comforted by the fact that I am not truly alone in my quest for a better wiki, contrary to what my previous blog had attested. 

I have decided that I will give 2 users here admin positions, BUT in order to be one you must have the following requirements:

  1. You must be a registered user (duh, but I just want to put it out here for formality)
  2. You have contributed to the betterment of this wiki
  3. Your contributions must be of acceptable quality (refer to requirement #2)
  4. You genuinely want the Nabari no Ou wiki to be better, and are willing to put out effort in the process
  5. You REALLY REALLY love this series! 

And that's all the requirements! Plus if you're great at site maintenance, seriously know some fancy schmancy wiki coding, or are willing to share your vast knowledge of NnO and more wiki know-how, then I'll give you free hugs and cookies as well! 

If you think you have met ALL the requirements, simply comment on this blog and give me a brief, enthusiastic statement on why you would love to be an admin for NnO wiki. Extra bonus if you actually write your application as a blog!

Finally, I'll read through all of the applications, and will personally judge your edit history and profile to make sure that you are legit.

Happy applying everyone! ~Eternal

Nabari no Ou - 07 - 21

Who will be the next 2 rulers of Nabari?

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