Tojuro Hattori

Humans lose focus of the big picture when they're drunken in the midst of their feelings.

Hattori, episode 22

Tojuro Hattori (服部 柊十郎Hattori Tojūrō) is the 59-year-old leader of the Iga clan and the Grey Wolves. He serves as a political critic in the front world.

Hattori is the one responsible of the murder of Akatsuki Rokujou and Asahi Rokujou, Miharu's Parents along with and Tobari Durandal Kumohira's grandfather. His ideal is to change history and achieve equality among humans with the Shinra Banshou, fascinating and winning the loyalty of many subordinates, as seen with Yukimi and Raikō. Hattori takes in many outcasts, such as Yukimi, Kazuho, Raikō, and later Yoite, offering them a place in the Grey Wolves.

Despite this kindness, Hattori has little qualms about eliminating whoever opposes him, seen when he orders the secret intelligence unit Kasa to dispose of Yoite when he defies Hattori.

Near the end of the series, Hattori was killed by Yoite with his Kira. The entire Iga Clan was destroyed by the Shinra Banshou.


It is believed that Hattori died after the Fuuma have found the Shinra Banshou.


  • Miharu's grandma once noted on Hattori's good looks when watching television.
  • He is voiced by Jōji Nakata in Japanese and Kent Williams in English.
  • Hattori Sketch
  • Hattori Full Body
  • Hattori in his office with Ichiki
  • Toujiro's lifeless body

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