Nabari no Ou Original Soundtrack 2 is a soundtrack album containing the music of the Nabari no Ou anime series.

Nabari Original Soundtrack 2

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Track listing Edit

  1. The World of Nabari (隠の世)
  2. So Close, So Far (近く遠く)
  3. The Tragedy of a Brother and a Sister (兄妹の悲劇)
  4. Deep Darkness (深い闇)
  5. Alya Academy (アルヤ学院)
  6. Life and Death (生と死)
  7. Struggle for the Kinjutsusho (禁術書争奪戦)
  8. Bonds (絆)
  9. Miharu's Bewilderment (壬晴のとまどい)
  10. A Death God's Profile (死神の横顔)
  11. Hanabusa (英)
  12. Yukimi's Melancholy (雪見の憂鬱)
  13. Tategami (鬣)
  14. Izuna Shingan (飯綱心眼)
  15. Confrontation (対峙)
  16. Blockade (包囲網)
  17. Approaching Pursuer (迫りくる追っ手)
  18. Yoite's Despair (宵風の絶望)
  19. The Wish of the Heart (求める心)
  20. Two People (ふたり)
  21. Shinrabansho's Invocation (森羅万象の発動)
  22. Wisdom (叡智)
  23. Whimper (慟哭)
  24. Main Theme piano solo (メインテーマ piano solo)
  25. Where You Found Your Way (たどりついた場所)
  26. Last Thoughts (最後の思い)
  27. Departure (旅立ち)
  28. Aru ga mama (TV size)

Notes Edit

  • Track 28: Lyrics and composed by Maki Honda, performed by Anam & Maki
  • Tracks 1-27: Composed and arranged by Michiru Oshima

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