Nabari no Ou Original Soundtrack 1 is a soundtrack album containing the music of the Nabari no Ou anime series.

Track listing Edit

  1. Nno ost 1

    Nno OST 1 album cover

    CRAWL (TV size)
  2. Main Theme (メインテーマ)
  3. Banten ~ Where It Begins (萬天~始まりの場所)
  4. Everyday Bespectacled (メガネくんのいる日常)
  5. Indifferent Master (無関心マスター)
  6. Lost Past (消えた過去)
  7. Surprise Attack (急襲)
  8. Thobari's Determination (帷の決意)
  9. Raimei Comes (雷鳴,来る)
  10. A Little Demon (小悪魔少年)
  11. Hidden Face (隠した素顔)
  12. Unstable Mind (ゆれる心)
  13. Intermission (幕間)
  14. The World of Nabari's Keeper (隠の世の番人)
  15. The Kairoshu Ready for the War (灰狼衆出陣)
  16. Tojuro Hattori's Ambition (服部柊十郎の野望)
  17. Kotaro Fuma's Expectation (風魔小太郎の思惑)
  18. User of Kira (気羅使い)
  19. A Death God's Wish (死神の願い)
  20. Shinrabansho's Whisper (森羅万象のささやき)
  21. Burden of Destiny (背負う宿命)
  22. Into an Undesired Battle (望まぬ戦いの中へ)
  23. Main Theme ~ Silence (メインテーマ~静寂)
  24. HIKARI (TV size)

Notes Edit

  • Track 1: Lyrics and composed by Hidenori Naganuma, arranged and performed by VELTPUNCH
  • Track 24: Lyrics by Emi Nishida, composed by Mai Sugimoto, arranged by Wataru Maeguchi, performed by ELISA
  • Tracks 2-23: Composed and arranged by Michiru Oshima

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