Swords exists for just judging and killing. They can never save others.

Kourin, episode 11

Kourin Shimizu (光輪清水), is the mother of Raimei and Raikou. She is the leader of the once proud, samurai Shimizu clan in the Fuuma Village. She is voiced by Shoko Tsuda (Japanese), and Stephanie Young (English).


Nabari no Ou - 05 - 07

Shimizu Clan crest

Kourin was appointed leader of the Shimizu clan due to her calm resolve of maintaining the role of the Shimizus' as neutral guardians between the world of Nabari and the "outside" world. As such, she does not make any rash decisions, and is hard-willed. Raikou detested his mother for this, often disagreeing with her outright "indifference".

Shimizu Clan DisputeEdit


Raikou's classmate.

Raikou is pleading with Kourin, after an incident with his classmate. He wants to do something for her – apparently she is seeking revenge against a corporation that killed her parents. But Kourin tells him that they cannot do anything to the matter as it is not a Nabari issue. The girl ceases to attend school, and a week later there are flowers on her desk – she is dead.

Raikou extremely upset, later discusses it with his uncle, Iroku. Iroku thinks that the Shimizu should do something about bad things that is happening in the front world (aiding the girl's revenge); thinking that the current Shimizu leadership (a.k.a. Kourin) is wrong.

Iroku ends up confronting Kourin, along with Raikou and quite a few other Shimizu. But Kourin laughs with disdain at him, and accuses him of being motivated by his own wish for power and payback for the fact that she defeated him to become the head of the clan. Iroku angrily summons some of his backers, who bring in Kourin’s ill and wheel-chaired husband, Soumei. But Soumei only tells Iroku that he is going about his goals the wrong way, and that his ambition is wrongly driven by his past grievances. Iroku kills him though, and then turns on Raikou, in the process knocking over a candle which sets a raging fire.


Kourin's death.

But Kourin saves Raikou by taking in the strike, her dying words telling him to take care of Raimei and to take the White Gamon to fulfill his duty.

Raikou manages to get the White Gamon, and returns to his uncle. By the time he came back the rest of the Shimizu have destroyed themselves, turning on each other in the chaos. Raikou kills his uncle, as Raimei , awoken by the noise, looks on in horror just in time. But Raikou does not correct her impression of the event, and tells her he is going to join the Kairoushu.


  • Kourin last words shares the similarities to Flit Asuno's mother from Mobile Suit Gundam Age Series because Kourin asks Raikou to take up the Shirogamon and take care of Raimei (Raikou's Little Sister) while Flit's Mother entrust the Gundam to Flit Asuno.

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