Kazuho Amatatsu




September 9th


Kazuhiko Yukimi (older brother)


160 cm (5'3)

Shoe Size

23 cm

Blood Type



Comedy, dogs, science


History, wasabi

Special Skills

Medical knowledge, cooking, organization

Eye Color



Kazuho Amatatsu (天立 和穂 Amatatsu Kazuho) is a 26-year-old member of the Grey Wolves Hijutsu Kenkyū-han, and Kazuhiko Yukimi's younger sister. She is voiced by Yui Kano in Japanese and Caitlin Glass in English.


She has a medical license and acts as Yoite's personal physician. Despite her license, she is currently working in a sushi restaurant. In the anime adaption, the sushi restaurant is owned by her husband. She is using her knowledge of the secret art to aid Banten in its extraction. Later on, both Yukimi and her defected from the Grey Wolves because the organization attempted to kill Yukimi and Yoite.

Personality Edit

Kazuho has a kind and bubbly personality. She loves her brother despite sometimes bickering with him. She sincerely cares about Yoite and takes any opportunity she gets to reach out to him and help him. Kazuho is very intelligent, in the hidden world she works on a research team for the Grey Wolves and is a licensed doctor. It is hinted that Kazuho had trouble finding a place to belong in the past as she begs Yukimi not to start any trouble with the Grey Wolves as she had finally found a place where she belonged. However she dose not agree with the Grey Wolves violent tactics and manipulation and eventually defects.

Appearance Edit

Kazuho has shoulder lengthen blonde hair. She keeps her hair in a high pony tail with her bangs pulled back by green clips. She has blue eyes and wears a pair of red glasses. She has a short lanky stature.

Trivia     Edit

  • Kazuho was noble to her older brother after the creation of the Nabari World.
  • Kazuho was based on Princess Peach.
  • The name "Kazuho" is more often used as a boy's name and means "one step"

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