Kazuhiko Yukimi
Yukimi Kazuhiko




January 23rd


180 cm (5'11 - when slouching)


76 kg (168 lbs.)

Shoe Size

28 cm

Blood Type



Children, pure love tales, pills


Cut corner cooking, baseball


Kazuho Amatatsu (younger sister)

Hair Color


There are three kinds of secrets. Something that you hide at the bottom of your heart because you don't want it to be mentioned. Something that you can't say even if you want to. Something that you hope someone asks about even though you're hiding it.

Yukimi, episode 10

Kazuhiko Yukimi (雪見 和彦 Yukimi Kazuhiko) is a 27-year-old ninja working for the Grey Wolves (Kairoshu). He is voiced by Kenjirō Tsuda in Japanese and Robert McCollum in English. He is an Older Brother of Kazuho Amatatsu.

Synopsis                   Edit

He acts as a squad leader on field missions and is a freelance writer in the front world. he appears to be very efficient at hand to hand combat, but unlike other Ninja's, he also uses a gun. He justifies this unusual weapon choice by claiming that this is the modern age, or "age of the individual."

He lives with Yoite and is protective of him and cares for Yoite as his health degenerates. He cooks Yoite's meals, satisfying his large appetite. Although he claims he hates kids and calls them "brats", he shows overwhelming concern for Yoite and Miharu. Yukimi documents any impressions Yoite makes on him and any details he learns about Yoite. He learns Yoite's past from Yoite's half-brother Tsukasa Kōdō.

He wishes to learn as much as possible about Yoite so he can tell Yoite that he was truly alive when Yoite is on his deathbed. When he learns of Yoite's defection from the Grey Wolves and the subsequent escape with Miharu, Yukimi goes out of his way to battle Raikō, who initially advises him against protecting Yoite and betraying the Grey Wolves. However, Raikō reveals Yoite destination. Yukimi joins Yoite, Kouichi, and Shijima in rescuing Miharu. While fending off two Kasa assassins, he loses his right arm. One month later, he recovers in a Banten hospital and has severed his ties with the Grey Wolves to protect Miharu. He is asked by Tobari to stay at Miharu's side because they share pain of losing Yoite.

Appearance Edit

Yukimi is a tall and has a muscular build. He has short blonde hair and often wears a black headband with varying designs on them such as a lightning bolt or clover. He has blue eyes that have rings around the pupils, it is hypothesized that this is due to some type of ninja art seeing no one else in the series has the same feature. Yukimi occasionally wears glasses, usually when he is typing or reading. He wears three stud earings in one ear and two of the same style in the other ear. His normal dress is a white t-shirt, jeans, boots, and a brown jacket with a white fur lining.


  • Yukimi gave Miharu a "lemonade recipe" to make Yoite his favorite drink while he was not there.
  • Yukimi was the one that gave Yoite his name. One of his old cats was named Yoite as he recalls.
  • Yukimi's eyes are shown to have lightly noticeable inner rings from within.
  • Character Art
  • Yukimi Sketch

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