Ichiki (一季) is often seen in the company of Hattori. She is the 49-year old leader of Kasa.

  • Ichiki
  • Kairoshu's secret intelligence unit: Kasa, directed by Ichiki
In the front world, she acts as the manager for Hattori's political career. Ichiki is always seen dressed in a traditional kimono and appears to be blind. She is voiced by Yuri Amano in Japanese and Jamie Marchi in English.

Prior to the series, Ichiki was a war doctor. She took care of the civilians that were injured as a result of the war. At some point while serving, the people she had been taking care of were convinced that there was a spy among them. As a result, they attacked her and Hattori, causing her blindness. She uses this situation as an excuse not to feel any mercy or pity for Yoite when he was tied up and placed in a dim room.

Ichikii was killed when the Shinra Banshou attends to deliver The End of the World.

In the manga, Ichiki was shown to not be blind as she opened her eyes after her murdering Hattori. She had actually been in league with Kasa.

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